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$100 Surprise

Just when I thought the water was all gone, a flash flood.  I was contacted by a potential client who wanted to see me today.   I saw said client and we’ve an appointment for Saturday.  I hope it goes through.

Nice to start the week with unexpected cash.

I doubted myself; couldn’t talk myself up.  I’ve been hypnotizing people since I was 12 and I doubt that still.  Of course, that’s just a cover for the real thing; I can’t really help anyone.  I don’t know what I’m doing therapeutically.  All the negatives kept running through my head.  Enough to make your heart weigh against your lung.  But session went fine.

I can’t just follow a script and I need the confidence to truly trust myself to create it as I do fiction.  I did it before, but the longer I go without a client the more “proof” it is that I’m incompetent as a hypnotherapist, not as someone who isn’t doing a good job getting clients although I’ve done everything I can think of.

This box is safe, but it reflects old, bad, dangerous beliefs.  I see them in every roll of Mother’s eyes, slight changes in the tone of her voice, her breaths.  I hear it in my head, nonstop.

But I know as I get my sleep patterns back to normal, it will be easier to combat these thoughts as I have done before and won.


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