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Okay folks, Such A Deal!  One of my favorite authors, the twice Nebula nominated, Vera Nazarian, publisher of Norilana Press who returned Tanith Lee ( yes, that TANITH LEE) to print has a new, FREE story available on Smashwords at http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/120720.  “The Witch Who Made Adjustments” is typical Vera, surprising, funny, scary, never what you think it is, with a little bit of wisdom tossed in.  Here’s her description:

A humorous and deeply heartwarming fantasy novelette of a witch who may not be as “terrible” as she seems — a witch who came into a turn-of-the-century town, just a few days before Halloween, and changed the lives of the entire populace, and especially young Tommy, a hardworking boy, and his impoverished family.

Then, after you download this story for free, you get to visit Barnes & Noble or Amazon.  E-books are so cheap that you should get both her Nebula-nominated stories.  Her short story collection, Salt of the Air, has “The Story of Love,” the 2007 Nebula finalist.  Her stories are often fairy tale-esque, this a more eastern tale with a surprising, soul-satisfying ending.   Actually, all the stories are wonderful as is the introduction by Gene Wolfe.  In it Gene Wolfe (yes, THAT Gene Wolfe) explains fantasy to you and why Vera is one of the top writers around.

In 2008 her novella “The Duke in his Castle” was a Nebula finalist.  I am partial to this story since I read it in Draft 0.5.  Vera, you are one of my dearest friends and I love you, but folks that draft was publishable as it was.  Not 1000% perfect but one hell of a ride.  A little re-write and it’s one of my favorite stories I’ve ever read.  Nothing is as it seems, but flows and changes until the final truth is revealed masterfully.  Great, now I have to read it again.

There is a lot of Vera, her novels Dreams of the Compass Rose and Lords of Rainbow are great reads.  “Dreams” has stories that are like lightening in the mind, new ways of looking and feeling that you never thought you’d think of.  “Lords” is the love story of three people living in a world without color.  Her novella “The Clock King and the Queen of the Hourglass” is both fantasy and science-fiction.  It’s a fascinating tale with a wonderful introduction by Charles de Lint.  For more of her science-fiction, there is “After the Sundial.”
They’re e-books!  They cost nothing!  Buy them all!  Don’t blame me if you’re up all night reading them…


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  1. Wow, thank you so much for the kind words, Susan!!

  2. I’d picked up The Witch Who Made Adjustments just last week when Vera (oh, hi, Vera!) posted the link on Facebook…. And it’s been sitting in my Kindle waiting for me to do more than the five minute skim. So, now that I have a “bit” more free time (and another piece to choose for my 50/50/Me challenge, I will open it and read away!

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